“From Jane Ackroyd’s welded steel full-size sculpture of Queen Victoria, a tour de force on leaving the Royal College of Art, to tiny bronze or steel creatures, her work never ceases to amaze.  Her paintings are sensitive and beautifully coloured; her large-scale steel works have an energy and power, while retaining the fluidity of animal movement.  The abstract and representational works that my husband and I have collected over a period of twenty years create wonderful surprises in our Cornish garden, where they seem entirely at home.  Having watched Jane at work, seeing the results, it still astonishes me how someone can take a piece of heavy metal, put it together with other pieces, and out of them create a work of art that suggests life and action.  Yes, there are other welder-artists around, but Jane is in a different league.”
Marcy Leavitt Bourne

“Jane Ackroyd’s work is always unique and beautifully executed : she is able to achieve wonderful animal forms always managing to capture not only the form but the essence of the animal she is depicting. The raw and skeletal structures of each animal she hand crafts, gives animalier work a refreshing, new and contemporary feel, that give those lucky enough to own one of her pieces a life time of enjoyment – be it in the home, the garden or public environment.”
Sue Triplow
Manager, Bronze Age, Limehouse, London